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Vietnamese Noodles - Melbourne

On a cold winter's day I crave Pho, when I'm not feeling well I crave Pho and when I'm ever in Melbourne I CRAVE PHO! I'm deprived of good Pho in Hong Kong, it's like no one can do it well so getting Pho in Melbourne is like one of the top things to do on my list every time I visit. In today's short blog post, let me introduce you to a little gem that I always visit every time I'm in Melbourne for Pho (as well as a few other dishes).

Pho Chu Le

Shop 25 & 51, 268-274 Springvale Road, Springvale

03 9574 1470

Our family's go to Vietnamese restaurant is Pho Chu Le. We've been going there for the last 8 to 9 years. They don't just do Pho but other Vietnamese dishes as well.

During my most recent visit we ordered, regular Bun Bo Hue (non Combination version) (AU$11), Broken Rice (AU$11), large Beef Special Pho (AU$12) and Prawn Spring Rolls (AU$12) (not in the photo). I always need to make sure I'm going with my whole family so I can get a fix of everything because trust me Vietnamese food in Hong Kong is just ... NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

(Bun Bo Hue from another restaurant I visited in Melbourne)

The broth of the Pho is so hearty, it tastes so good that if you put lemon or any other condiments in you'll ruin the flavor (but I still put my lemon, chilli sauce and hoi sin sauce because for those that know me personally I love my sauces). Beware of the Bun Bo Hue because my family tells me that it's too spicy for them but for me personally (the spice queen) it is not spicy at all. The Bun Bo Hue is loaded with sliced beef, onions and spring onion, if you get the Bun Bo Hue Combination you will get tendons, beef balls and blood, I usually prefer the Combination version.

For the broken rice you get a generous slice of fried juicy pork chop. The pork chop was still super hot and crispy when it was served! The dish also comes with a fried egg, cucumber, pickled carrots and some shredded pork skin (my favorite)! The dish is served with some nuoc cham (spicy, sweet, sour dipping fish sauce) so you can pour it over your dish. Lastly, the spring rolls were served piping hot and crispy, it doesn't look quite appealing but the taste and freshness makes up for it, wrap up the spring roll in a fresh lettuce and dip it in the nuoc cham to enjoy!

For those readers not from Melbourne, many Vietnamese people live in Springvale that's why there are a lot of top quality Vietnamese eateries in Springvale. Be sure to grab some Banh Mi while you're in Springvale as that is something not to be missed (I always get one to take home after my meal in Springvale).

That's all for now. Until next time foodies!! xoxo

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