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La Vache - Best steak and fries in Hong Kong?

La Vache, literally means "the cow" in French, serves up the best steak and fries in Hong Kong (in my opinion) and here's the thing, you get unlimited fries - yep endless amount of carbs (goodness)! Every meal at La Vache has been more than just satisfying and always making me wanting to go back for more!

La Vache

12 Hart Avenue

Tsim Sha Tsui


+852 2666 6718


48 Peel Street


Hong Kong

+852 2880 0248

I've been to both branches and personally I like the Tsim Sha Tsui one more because it's more spacious, service is slightly better and the fries served to us were hot and crunchy!

I've pretty much already told you what's on the menu! La Vache is simple, everyone gets a steak, unlimited fries and a salad for HKD318 per person + 10% service charge. If you like you can order a drink and something from the dessert trolley when it comes around. When the menu is so simple there's no excuses not to perfect the 3 dishes right? Go check it out yourself! Please note they don't do bookings for small parties (I think only parties above 5 people can make bookings) so do get there 6pm on the dot or expect to queue.

I visited the Tsim Sha Tsui branch on Black Sheep series week (promotion week for all restaurants under Black Sheep group) a few days ago so we were allowed to book. The menu for Black Sheep has a few additional items, dessert and house wine for a cheaper price. Check it out below!

Now time for some food photos!

The steak is served with tomato sauce and a house made mushroom steak sauce. The steak sauce is one of my favorite, you can also taste some cheese and truffle flavors in the sauce, if you like you can also ask for mustard.

I like my steak medium rare and Mr W. always gets his medium. For me medium rare is perfect, the steak is tender and juicy and also they serve the steak on plate with a candle lit under to keep your steak warm.

How good do the fries look? I had two top ups and Mr W. had three! The both of us probably had over 100 fries that night (biggest cheat meal in months!) They are super generous with their fries and they come over with a huge tray every so often so you don't even need to feel guilty asking for them.

Last but not least for dessert we opted for the blueberry tart and some signature hazelnut pastry (I forgot the name, so just remember the photo below). There were also black forest cakes, raspberry cream macaroons, coconut cakes and chocolate expresso tarts. I wanted to order the black forest cake but Mr W. wasn't a fan and I wanted to order the chocolate expresso tart but I can't have caffeine, despite this we were both very satisfied with our picks.

The blueberry tart

The signature hazlenut pastry

Craving for fries and steak yet? I'm already drooling looking at the photos again! Hope everyone likes this recommendation!

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