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$1 per oyster! Cronuts and Fries - New York

I recently visited New York again! This time we went to some new places so I have quite a few New York posts lined up!

I'm a huge oyster fan, when I see one I have to eat it! Since Mr W. knew how much I love oysters, he said his friends visited Crave Fishbar that does Happy Hour oysters for US$1per oyster so we booked Crave Fish Bar 2 weeks in advance, just to be safe!

Crave Fishbar

945 2nd Ave New York, NY 10022

646. 895. 9585

We had New Year's Eve dinner at Crave Fishbar 2 years ago so we were familiar with the place and the quality of the food.

Our booking for Happy Hour was at 5.30PM, when we arrived there weren't many people however at around 6.15PM more and more people were entering.

The Happy Hour is between 5-7PM and you can order any types of oysters on the menu and as many as oysters you can finish within that time however there is a minimum order of 6 oysters and there is a maximum number of oysters you can order at once. The maximum number of oysters you can order at once will depend on how many people are in your group, e.g I was in a group of 2 so I could only order a maximum of 12 oysters at a time. You're also not allowed to order any more oysters until you have finished the oysters on your table.

The oysters are US$1 per oyster and the drinks on the Happy Hour menu (above) are only a few dollars cheaper than the usual menu. For the drinks we ordered the Watermelon Sangria and Processo. For the oysters we firstly ordered 12 oysters, we asked for 2 big rocks since we knew we would enjoy that and then asked the kitchen to suggest some that they think we would like.

After the first round of oysters we knew we enjoyed the ones from Massachusetts so for the second round we ordered, Island Creek, Big Rock, East Dennis and White Stone. We ordered 10 oysters for the second round but ended up getting 12 as they messed up the order (yay!).

The Island Creek Oysters were as big as my palm! The oysters were freshly shucked so there was a bit of a wait but it was worth it!

So would we go back? Hell yeah! It's great value and so yummy! We would like to make it a ritual to have Happy Hour oysters in New York every time we visit!


Most local and tourists who loves food would have heard of Dominique Ansel Bakery and for those who don't know, it's a bakery that sells really delicious pastries and desserts. The bakery's best seller are the cronuts.

To get your hands on these cronuts you could either (1) Queue up at the store at around 6AM or (2) Order online 2 weeks in advance. We obviously went with option (2) as we were definitely not waking up 5AM and queuing up for 2 hours for these cronuts. You can order your cronuts online every Monday 11AM New York Time here.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

189 Spring Street (between Sullivan and Thompson) New York, NY 10012

They make one flavour a month, we got ours on 2nd October 2018 so we got the Cranberry Pistachio, filled with cranberry jam and pistachio ganache.

The icing on the top is cranberry flavoured. It's a little sour which is good because it makes the icing taste less sweet which is what I like. Similarly the cranberry jam inside was sweet with a hint of sourness as well.

The ganache was oozing out of the cronut when I bit into it. I couldn't however really taste the pistachio flavour but it sort of had a creamy texture to it. The cronut was also covered in sugar and had a few pieces of pistachio on the top of it.

When we visited Dominque Ansel Bakery, we arrived at the store at 11.30AM and there weren't any queue and had empty seats to sit to enjoy the cronuts. We only ordered 2 cronuts which was the minimum amount you could order, each of the cronuts costed US$6.


Everytime I see fries, chips or wedges I can't resist so Mr W. suggested to visit Pommes Frites since he quite enjoyed it during his 6 months stay in New York.

Pommes Frites

128 Macdougal St, New York,

NY 10012, USA

Pommes Frites is a little dim when you walk inside and they have minimal seating.

There are many sauces on the menu to choose from and you can even have poutine! We ordered the regular size since we had more food pit stops to come and selected sweet mango chutney, rosemary garlic and tequila lime chipotle sauce, they also provide unlimited tomato sauce.

They even have little cute holes on the table for you to slot the cone in.

In terms of the sauces, we liked the sweet mango chutney sauce the most followed by the tomato sauce and the honey mustard mayonnaise. The sweet mango chutney sauce is a little sweet and tangy and I'm a mango lover so that's why I liked the sweet mango chutney the most. The fries were very crispy and hot, it seemed like we got a freshly cooked batch.

Overall I enjoyed Pommes Frites alot, it's a great stop for a quick snack and there's definitely plenty of sauces to try. If I'm ever in the area again (most likely I will) I would want to go back to try other sauces and get poutine!

That's all folks for today! See you in the next post~

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