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3 hour wait for Gimbap - Is it worth it? - Jeju

Kimbap - Jeju

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first Jeju blog post. Jeju has been on my bucket list for many years so when we saw the HK Express promotion tickets we quickly went to purchase them!

In terms of getting around Jeju, we were originally thinking to catch a cab or public transport around Jeju but was advised by a friend to drive. After some research we got our international driver's license on the RACV website (as we hold Aussie licenses) and rented a car from AJ Rent a Car. Almost all Jeju visitor's drive so when you arrive at Jeju airport their are large signs directing you to the rental car shuttle buses that will take you to the rental car companies.

Here's our little Kia Morning! It's small and doesn't have much power but we were very glad that we went for the rental car option than catching a cab or public transport. Also, the GPS is tourist friendly, the GPS' verbal instructions are in English however the interface of the GPS is in Korean so the staff will show you how to use the GPS. The GPS allows you to just input the destination's phone number to find the location - super convenient!

This little car costed about USD80 for three days where hiring a daily driver can cost up to KRW150,000 a day and most will allow you to hire them till 6PM.

We arrived in Jeju at approximately 6.30AM and had only 2 hours of sleep the night before. On such little sleep we planned a fairly light itinerary for the first day:

Day 1:

~Ihwa Samgyetang

~Jeongbang Waterfalls

~Oneun Jeong Gimbap

~Yellow Cafe


Ihwa Samgyetang

13, Jungjeong-Ro, Seogwipo, Jeju

GPS phone number:7623319

We arrived at 9.30AM at Ihwa Samgyetang and we were pretty much the first customers at the restaurant. Everyone is required to order one item so we ordered Jeonbok Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng soup with abalone) and the Traditional Samgyetang which cost a total of approximately KRW40,000 (can't remember the exact price).

You get two abalones with the Jeonbok Samgyetang, the abalones are decent size and the lady serving us the soup gave us the thumbs up for the abalones. The Traditional Samgyetang was very light and comforting, they gave us one whole chicken per bowl of soup! We liked the Samgyetang here more than the ones in Seoul, we thought the soup here was clearer and lighter. We were also served some alcohol and quite a few side dishes (see picture above), an interesting side dish was the chicken feet of the chicken.

After our lovely breakfast we went to order kimbap to pickup later - more about this later in today's post.

We drove to Jeongbang Waterfalls as this waterfall was nearby and came up a lot in my research. To be honest the waterfall was just something on the itinerary to do but it wasn't really something I was looking forward to.

Jeongbang Waterfalls

GPS phone number: 7331530

You need to pay KRW2,000 admission to go into the waterfalls. Be prepared because there are a lot of tourists so it can get pretty crowded. Between the entrance to the actual waterfalls you can see some ahjummas selling fresh seafood and customers eating at their little portable set up tents.

When we got to the bottom of the waterfalls we climbed across many big rocks to get to a flat surface where we could see the waterfall closely. It was raining a little and on top of that we were getting splashed by the waterfall. The waterfall looked amazing despite the gloomy weather and we had heaps of fun taking photos and dodging splashes from the waterfall. It turned out to be quite an amazing destination.

After the waterfall we picked up our order from Oneun Jeong Gimbap - this is going to be the highlight of today's post. Oneun Jeong Gimbap only came up once when I was planning our trip but what caught my attention was "customers need to order hours in advance for Gimbap" - I was thinking to myself: "what kind of gimbap needs to be ordered in advance, it must be very good if people are willing to wait for gimbap" - based on this we decided to check out this place.

Oneun Jeong Gimbap

58, Dongmun-Ro, Seogwipo, Jeju Island 63591

GPS phone number: 7628927

We ordered before we went to the waterfalls at around 11AM and was told to return at 2PM however we pushed very hard for 1PM in which the waiter eventually agreed.

When we went back to pick up the order there were a lot of people and we spoke to a local and he said that they can do phone orders.

There's only 6 types of kimbap you can order, we ordered one original and one anchovy.

You can see famous celebrities such as SHINee's Minho who also visited this place.

Here it is!!!!!

The original gimbap

Kimbap - Jeju

The anchovy gimbap

The verdict:

The Anchovy gimbap has a lot of sauce! The anchovies were not salty and worked quite well with the sauce and vegetables inside, it was amazing and we finished it super quickly!

The original gimbap has egg, vegetables, spam and perilla leaves. Personally I don't like perilla leaves but other than that it was still probably the best original gimbap I've ever had in Korea. We had the anchovy gimbap first so when we tried the original it tasted quite bland mainly because we were use to the sauce and anchovy flavor from the first anchovy gimbap we had hence I would recommend trying the original first before the anchovy gimbap.

So was it worth the 3 hour wait? Yes it was! I would recommend doing something like us, where you go order the kimbap and do some activities around the area before picking it up. In hindsight we thought we should've ordered at least one more because we were already waiting and also we didn't have enough of it!

The last destination of today's post is the Yellow Cafe (I'm saving Donsadon for a Jeju black pork post later!).

Yellow Cafe

2877-13 Yerae-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea

GPS phone number: 7391140

If you're a fan of Binggrae Banana milk, like the most of Korea, and you like the artificial banana flavor then you should definitely visit Yellow Cafe.

The set up of the cafe is super cute, everything is pretty much in yellow and the cafe has a lot of seats!

We ordered a Latte with Banana Flavored Milk (KRW4,800), Royal Milk-tea with Banana Flavored Milk (KRW5,500) and a Banana Flavored Milk Ice Cream cup (KRW3,500).

The Banana Milk Latte tasted a little funny because you can taste coffee but also artificial banana flavor which we wasn't a good mix for us, the Royal Banana Milk Milk-tea was decent but our favorite was the ice cream!

The cafe also sells a lot of cute merchandises and offers nice spots to take photos!

That's all for today, more Jeju posts soon!

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