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KFC - Hong Kong

One of my favourite Korean dishes is Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)! In Hong Kong there are individual restaurants that serves yummy KFC and also KFC franchises from Korea that are everywhere and very popular. Recently I've been visiting Goobne Chicken quite a bit because there's always new things on the menu every time I visit. Goobne Chicken is a franchise from Korea, I usually go to the Goobne located in Mongkok.

Goobne Chicken

15/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok


Goobne doesn't serve fried chicken, their chickens are oven baked. There are many chicken options on the menu. Some chicken are "wet" as in they are rolled in sauce and some are served dry but it comes with sauces for you to dip your chicken in. Goobne has an extensive menu, other than chicken they also serves stews, rice cakes, egg rolls etc. On separate occasions I've tried the Rice Crunch Boneless Chicken, Gochoo Basasak Chicken, Spicy Toppokki, Special Egg Rolls and a Non Alcoholic Shark Blood Rita.

When you order chicken at Goobne you're given plastic gloves to put on so you can keep your hands nice and clean whilst eating the chicken!

The Gochoo Basasak Chicken came cooked fresh served with pickled raddish and two sauces. Gochoo Basasak Chicken is made with Korean Chungyang red pepper, the flavour is pungent and is very unique, it's quite different to your usual fried chicken wings. The chicken is crispy but definitely not as crispy as fried chicken and it's also not as oily as fried chicken! I personally thought the serving was a little bit too much for two people if you're ordering other dishes. The chicken came with two sauces, one sauce is dark orange which was smooth and creamy and tasted a bit like cheese (it wasn't cheese though)! The other sauce was light yellow which tasted a bit like mayonnaise, both sauces went well with the Gochoo Basasak Chicken but I personally prefer the lighter yellow sauce that tasted a bit like mayonnaise.

On a separate occasion we ordered the Rice Crunch Boneless Chicken because we were lazy to put gloves on and whereas we could just eat the Rice Crunch Boneless Chicken with our forks! The Rice Crunch Boneless Chicken comes with Korean Rice Cakes (my favourite!). The chicken are coated with a sweet sauce and bits of rice crunch! When I first took a bite of the chicken I could really feel the "crunch" of the rice crunch, if you don't eat the chicken fast the rice crunch will lose it's crunchiness. The sauce in my opinion was a bit sweet and after having a few bites I was already sick of the sweet flavour. After having a few pieces of the Rice Crunch Boneless Chicken I regretted not ordering non boneless chicken as I looked around and saw everyone getting in there with their and holding their chicken with their hands (with gloves on) and enjoying the full experiencing.

The egg rolls is a popular item on the menu, if you look around you'll see almost every table has egg rolls. The egg rolls is similar to sushi hand rolls. Inside the egg rolls there are some vegetables like carrots, Japanese pickled raddish and also sausages. The ingredients inside the egg rolls are held together with seaweed then wrapped around with egg. The egg rolls are served cold with some mustard and tomato sauce trickled over the top. The egg on the outside was light and fluffy, when you eat it make sure you eat it in one bite or else the vegetables and meat inside will fall everywhere!

The Spicy Toppokki was one of my favourite dishes as I'm a huge fan of rice cakes! The Spicy Toppokki's serving is not big but enough! The rice cakes comes served with some kimchi, beans sprouts, eggs and noodles (some are under the sauce in the photo above). The rice cakes were soft and not very chewy which made it easy to eat, the Spicy Toppokki however was quite spicy! If you don't eat a lot of spicy food I suggest you stay away from this dish or try to ask the waiter if it's possible to have it less spicy.

Lastly, Goobne serves a lot of "good looking" drinks, some alcoholic and some non alcoholic. I decided to go with the most popular one, the Shark Blood Rita. You can have the Shark Blood Rita alcoholic or non-alcoholic, I chose to have it non-alcoholic! The drink is like a slushie made from soda served with a plastic toy shark that they take back (I wanted to take it home!). In my opinion the drink is a bit too sweet for my liking and I felt like I was just drinking sugar so I wouldn't order it again.

In my opinion Goobne has heaps to offer and you can always try new things every time however it's a bit expensive in my opinion. You should also try to make a booking before you go because the lines are huge outside! The Tsim Sha Tsui branch doesn't take bookings but the Mong Kok branch does!

That's all for now! Happy Chicken Eating :)!

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