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Borough Market - London

I spent July this year in London for work but really it was just a perfect opportunity for me to travel and eat :)! I stayed a 10 minute walk away from the Borough Market. I was recommended by several friends that I should visit the Borough Market for food!

The market is open every Monday till Saturday with Wednesday till Saturday having the full market opened. Borough market is conveniently located next to London Bridge Station.

Borough Market 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL

There's a lot of permanent stores that sells, poultry, fruits, cheese and seafood. At the other end of the market there are pop up stores that sells food, pastries and drinks to have on the go. The market can get pretty crowded during Friday lunch times so be prepared to queue or visit at a later time!

My favourite place of the market was definitely all the pop up stores. There are stores that sell handmade chocolates, organic homemade ice teas and many stores that sold desserts and pastries. Make sure you check out the organic homemade ice tea store, they sometimes have a buy one get one free promotion! My favorite stores would definitely be the Pad Thai and Kebabs pop up store.

The Pad Thai is cooked by Thai people. The Pad Thai smelt so good and the serving was quite big (you really can't try all the food there in one visit), you can also help yourself to the seasoning and lemons that they have.

In a separate visit I had a beef kebab. I miss the kebabs that I have back in Melbourne so I definitely needed to satisfy my Kebab fix whilst in London! The kebab is freshly made and the meat is cooked right in front of you, when the kebab was served it was steaming hot and full of flavours.

There's also one store that I visited almost every second day for the last 2 weeks of my stay in London and this was Richard Haward's Oysters! I'm a huge fan of oysters, I can't resist myself if I see oysters in a menu, I just have to order it! Richard Haward's Oysters is a permanent store located at the other end of the market, away from the pop up stores. You'll see many tourists sitting outside the store enjoying their oysters.

Your oysters are opened for you when you order. During all the times I went, all the workers were all busy opening oysters non-stop. There are a few sizes you can choose when you order, I chose the biggest size which was approximately the size of my palm! You also have a few sauces that they've made that you can choose to put on your oysters as well as limes and lemons that you can help yourself to.

They also serve wine that you can enjoy with your oysters, it seemed to be quite common with the customers there but I didn't have any since I had to work.

I personally think the food at the Borough Market is not cheap but it's definitely worth the visit, the atmosphere is great and everyone is just exploring the market and enjoying delicious food! You should plan ahead and expect that you can't try everything in one visit!

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