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Favourite Thai Meal

Koti Restaurant

Welcome everyone! I've got many suggestions and pictures that I've stored up from my food expeditions around Asia and Europe that I want to share with you all. I'm going to dedicate my first entry to my favourite Thai meal.

I frequently visit Thailand and I've had a fair share of Thai Food whilst over there. Over the Easter holidays this year I traveled to Hua Hin, Thailand, and discovered Koti Restaurant which has now become my favourite Thai restaurant (too bad it's all the way in Thailand so it's hard to access).

Koti Restaurant

Address : 61/1 Daychanuchit Road, Hua Hin 57, Prachuabkirlkan 77110

Koti Restaurant
Koti Restaurant

Koti Restaurant is right opposite Hua Hin Night Market and approximately 5 minutes drive from Hua Hin's main beach. We arrived at the restaurant at around 5.30PM and were told that they open at 6PM but eventually we got seated at around 5.50PM. Within half an hour Koti Restaurant was full and there were people queuing outside!

Koti Restaurant is known for their seafood, we firstly decided on the Tom Yum soup (a Thai meal is incomplete without Tom Yum soup!) followed by stir-fried morning glory and chicken curry.

We were contemplating what seafood to order, Koti has an extensive menu and there were several dishes with fish! The waiter suggested we try the deep fried whole fish topped with pepper and garlic and they also suggested that we try their Thai ice lemon tea, we didn't think twice and took up their suggestions!


The Tom Yum soup arrived first followed by the veggies and curry. The Tom Yum was fantastic, I still remember how good it was. It wasn't too spicy or too sour, the combination was perfect. The soup came with some prawns, mushrooms and chives.

I'm usually not a huge fan of veggies but I was enjoying the morning glory. The morning glory was a little spicy. You can tell by the taste that it was cooked in a wok with very high heat and when you can taste that you know the dish is going to be good!

The texture of the chicken curry wasn't too thick nor too runny. I dislike it when curry is too runny because when you have it on top of the rice it feels like you're soaking your rice in soup. The curry was full of flavor, you could taste that they cooked it with a lot of spices which went really well with plain rice.

Now the highlight of the meal:

Deep fried whole fish topped with pepper and garlic.

Deep fried whole fish topped with pepper and garlic

The fish turned out to be the highlight of the meal.

The fish looked quite bland but when topped with pepper and garlic it tasted delicious.

The fish was fresh and crispy. The minimal seasoning allowed the freshness and texture of the fish to leave a lasting impression that leaves you craving for more.

The deep fried fish was served with a sour, spicy and sweet sauce which to me also tasted a bit tangy. Usually deep fried food seems quite heavy but the sauce did the trick so you can keep eating without your mouth feeling too oily!

Thai Ice Lemon Tea

Last but not least, the Thai ice lemon tea! The drink was amazing, it was so refreshing and went perfectly well with the whole meal. The drink was like a reset button, it cleanses your mouth from all the flavors from the dishes making you want to continue eating. After trying this Thai ice lemon tea I spent the next few days in Bangkok looking for it but only managed to find Thai milk teas.

Koti Restaurant was amazing and I'd definitely go back if I ever visit Hua Hin again!

What to do after this filling meal?.....Walk it off at Hua Hin night market!

Stay tuned for my next post in regards to Hua Hin night market and other places to visit in Hua Hin!

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