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Abalone Feast, Woljeongri Beach & Seongsan Ilchulbong - Jeju

Hello guys, this is going to be the last Jeju post for now. Day 3 was spent on the east part of Jeju island. Day 3 ~Ollae Guksu ~Woljeongri Beach ~Myeongjin Jeonbok ~Seongsan Ilchulbong ~Hwaro hyang We were tossing up between Kimbap Cheonguk or Ollae Guksu for breakfast but Mr.W insisted on getting pork noodles (again!). Ollae Guksu 24 Gwiarang-gil, Yeon-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea GPS phone number: 7427355 Our GPS had issues getting to this restaurant so we ended up using Naver Maps on our phone. We waited for approximately 15 minutes before being seated. There's only one thing on the menu, pork soup noodles, and everyone has to order one serving so no need to worry if you can't speak

Glamping, Green Tea, Noodles, Innisfree, Local Market - Jeju

We planned a big day 2 in Jeju. Our itinerary for the day was: Day 2: ~Jamae Guksu ~Dongmun Market ~Kyochon Chicken ~Mysterious Road ~Osulloc Tea Museum ~Innisfree ~Glamping at The Shilla Jeju We started the day by queuing outside Jamae Guksu for 20 minutes. Jamae Guksu 6, Wollang-ro 4-gil, Jeju, Jeju Island 63098, South Korea GPS phone number: 7462222 Jamae Guksu seats about 20 people however the turnover is very quick, most people finish their meal in 10 to 15 minutes. The restaurant is known for it's pork noodles but they do have other choices on the menu. We ordered the Gogi-guksu (Noodles with pork soup) and Bibim-guksu (Noodles mixed with vegetables, meat and spicy hot sauce). The nood

Which black pork restaurant to visit? - Jeju

Jeju is famous for it's black pork, it even has a street called Black Pork Street dedicated to serving black pork! There's so many restaurants selling black pork so which one should you go to? During our stay in Jeju we visited two black pork restaurants and found both to be excellent choices, we visited Donsadon and Hwaro Yang. Donsadon 19, Uopyeong-ro, Jeju, Jeju Island 63107, South Korea +82 64-746-8989 GPS phone number: 7468989 There are a few Donsadon stores in Jeju, we visited the one in Jeju City as we were staying around the area. We arrived at approximately 8PM on a Saturday night and had to wait 20-30 minutes. We ordered 2 servings of black pork, kimchi stew and a bottle of Cass be

3 hour wait for Gimbap - Is it worth it? - Jeju

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first Jeju blog post. Jeju has been on my bucket list for many years so when we saw the HK Express promotion tickets we quickly went to purchase them! In terms of getting around Jeju, we were originally thinking to catch a cab or public transport around Jeju but was advised by a friend to drive. After some research we got our international driver's license on the RACV website (as we hold Aussie licenses) and rented a car from AJ Rent a Car. Almost all Jeju visitor's drive so when you arrive at Jeju airport their are large signs directing you to the rental car shuttle buses that will take you to the rental car companies. Here's our little Kia Morning! It's small

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