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Thai Salads and Boat Noodles - Bangkok

We're going back to Thailand for this post! I'm a sucker for Thai Salads and Thai Noodles so today I'm going to take you to my favourite Thai Salad and Fried Chicken spot in Bangkok as well as a popular restaurant that serves Thai Boat Noodles! Firstly let me give you a quick insight on what Boat Noodles are. Back in days when Thailand had a big flood water transportation was the main mode to trade food and goods, like in the floating markets in Thailand, noodles were cooked and served on boats hence the name "Boat Noodles". The servings of the Boat Noodles were small, because it was inconvenient to hold large bowls of noodles whilst sitting on a rocky boat. Today Boat Noodles are still ser

KFC - Hong Kong

One of my favourite Korean dishes is Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)! In Hong Kong there are individual restaurants that serves yummy KFC and also KFC franchises from Korea that are everywhere and very popular. Recently I've been visiting Goobne Chicken quite a bit because there's always new things on the menu every time I visit. Goobne Chicken is a franchise from Korea, I usually go to the Goobne located in Mongkok. Goobne Chicken 15/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok 旺角彌敦道628號瓊華中心15樓 Goobne doesn't serve fried chicken, their chickens are oven baked. There are many chicken options on the menu. Some chicken are "wet" as in they are rolled in sauce and some are served dry but it comes w

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