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Non-Stop Eating in Cheung Chau 長洲

I've recently fallen in love with going to Cheung Chau. I visited Cheung Chau twice in the last month, both visits were mainly for food but Cheung Chau also offers some fun activities like hiking and cycling. For those that don't know Cheung Chau is approximately a 1 hr ferry ride from Hong Kong. It's very convenient to go to Cheung Chau, you board a ferry at Hong Kong's Central Pier No.5 and you'll be there within an hour. There are two types of ferries you can catch, a fast ferry that gets you to Cheung Chau in about 40 minutes and a normal speed ferry that gets you there in about 60 minutes. Cheung Chau is known for their seafood, giant fishballs and mango desserts! I'll go through each o

Shabu Shabu 鍋ぞう - Japan

こんにちは! I came across Nabezo whilst researching for a reasonably priced Shabu Shabu to have in Tokyo. There are a few Nabezo's across Japan but we decided to go to the one closest to our hotel in Shinjuku. Nabezo 8F Shinjuku Takano 2nd Bldg., 3-30-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shabu Shabu is quite like Chinese hotpot however in my opinion the Shabu Shabu soup bases are a lot lighter compared to Chinese hotpots where you can have super flavorsome soup bases. Prior to my meal at Nabezo I was always a fan of just spicy Chinese hotpot but after Nabezo I started to like Japanese Shabu Shabu as well. Nabezo is an all you can eat buffet, you can choose between a 90 minute meat course, 120 minute

Walk around Paris with me

Bonjour! Paris has always been on the top of my travel list if I was ever to travel to Europe. Luckily in July this year during my work trip to the UK I had some time to travel to Paris. Before I begin I just want to warn all readers that this post will contain a lot of photos because Paris is beautiful and I was lucky enough to have really nice weather which made the photos look good so I can't help not to share them with you all :) I took the Eurostar from London to spend the Euro Cup Finals weekend in Paris. It was my first time travelling alone which was a great experience but also very stressful! I visited the major attractions, did some shopping and tasted some French cuisine, it was a

Dumplings, Skewers and a Hipster Town - Shanghai

你好! I spent Christmas in Shanghai last year and prior to that I hadn't visit Shanghai for 16 years. I have relatives there but I was never a frequent Shanghai visitor. I enjoyed Shanghai for it's great food and scenery, this time around I explored places and tried things I didn't last time. We explored this little hipster town called Tian Zi Fang (田子坊) which is like Korea's Hongdae or Hong Kong's Mongkok or Causeway Bay, I was also introduced to this dish called Chuan Chuan Xiang (串串香) which is literally food on skewers dipped or cooked in this spicy soup and of course enjoyed the traditional Shanghai soup dumplings (小笼包). I packed heaps of heat tech clothes for this trip as I was told Shang

Noodles Everywhere - Hanoi

This year I went to Hanoi for 2 and a half days over Easter which was fantastic since I'm a huge Vietnamese food fan! I was always a frequent Springvale and Richmond visitor when I was in Melbourne. I went there for my Vietnamese noodles and Banh Mi (FOB rolls was what we called them while growing up). Ever since living in Hong Kong I was so deprived of my Banh Mi and I was always searching Hong Kong to find a place that could serve Pho that matched the flavours of the Pho in Springvale and Richmond. I was super excited while planning my trip, the things I had listed to eat were mainly noodles related (which was heaven for me!) - Pho, Bun Bo Hue, Bun Bo Nam Bo and Hanoi's Bun Cha Ta. Today

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