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About Me:


I’m Anthea, a foodie, a pianist, a yogi, sometimes a traveler, sometimes a performer and now I’m also a blogger. Five years ago I booked a six week return ticket from Melbourne to Hong Kong but five years later I'm still in Hong Kong!


Ever since moving to Hong Kong I’ve eaten and traveled a fair bit, there’s so many options in Hong Kong when it comes to food that it's rare for a day to pass without eating something yummy or trying something new.


I enjoy researching and planning my food expeditions so I decided to start my own blog, “Where’s the Food?”, to share my findings. My blog can be summed up as 'travel, eat, repeat'. I hope you don’t get too hungry reading my entries and can find some time to try some of my suggestions!


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Urban Lights
L'asso Pizza
Brooklyn Bridge
Mt Bulla
Thomas' at Burberry
Dallas Brooks Centre
Dallas Brooks Centre
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